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Orpheus Island Resort in Queensland, offers luxurious resort facilities to enjoy exotic tour & holidays in one of the world's greatest natural wonders - the Great Barrier Reef.

Just a few kilometres from the Australian mainland, Orpheus Island feels a universe away from day-to-day cares – the perfect place to be marooned in luxury for a few days.
There are a hundred ways to lose yourself on Orpheus. Nothing is forced upon you, but there are activities for all levels of fitness and taste. Explore the coral gardens where 1,100 species of fish add to the riot of colour.
Along the tropical coast of Queensland, Orpheus Island is located amidst the world’s great wonder – the Great Barrier Reef.

Orpheus Island Resort combines pristine beaches and luxurious holiday accommodation to amaze even the most seasoned holiday maker.

Escape the pressures of the modern day with a luxury Queensland island holiday at Orpheus Island Resort, a Great Barrier Reef resort situated within its own national park. Be pampered with the very best in cuisine and hospitality and stay in tropical vacation comfort in your own private luxury holiday accommodation.


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